I am the muse of this moment,
    I am the queen of tonight,
    I rejoice in this music,
    Leaving no soul behind

    -Iorwenlily   (via iorwenlily)
    Bad dreams wake me up at night,
    Why do i still think of you tonight?
    Nothing good can come from your sight,
    Just go away and let me live my life

    -Iorwenlily (via iorwenlily)
    Walking strangers don’t know which path to take,
    Leaving footsteps of decay they just cant find a way…

    -Iorwenlily (via iorwenlily)
    I was thinking about living a life of excess and desire,
    but i wont go for it because my heart will burn in fire
    My mind will become tired and i wont be myself anymore…


    Excess and desire

    (Image taken from David GoughThe Ghost of Medusa, 2010. Oil on canvas, 12” x 24”.)

    Scarlett letters flow through my veins
    they describe words i cannot say
    blood flows between every name
    that i’ve been craving
    I can’t not give in


    Scarlet Letters

    (Image taken from

    Cold Hearted


    My stone cold heart has a shell of ice

    not even love would ever suffice

    i need something more

    to break this hard ice

    that keeps me from loving

    even the warmest heart 


    Cold Hearted

    (image taken from



    Dream, dream,

    What do you dream?

    Do you dream about me?

    Under the moonlight with breeze?

    Fly, fly,

    With your wings so high

    Feel the air and the night

    And see time pass you by

    Kiss, kiss

    my juicy red lips

    And grab me so hard

    So we can’t be apart

    The Night


    The night is embracing me

    she wont let me go

    i feel that she’s with me

    wherever i go


    The moonlight is shining

    making my skin glow

    i dont miss the sun though

    dont miss it at all


    This muse is within me

    she creeps into my thoughts

    she want me to write things

    that i still don’t know.


    I cant help but think

    that she’s been here before, 

    not in this life time

    maybe one before…


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    People are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes.
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